Pine Gap – the enemy within

22 June 2002

Jacob Grech
OzPeace  0402 246 491

While Little Johnny goes to great lengths ex(or)cising islands in Australia’s north in case some poor folks with the arse hanging out of their trousers try to make a home in this land so young and free, how come neither he nor anyone else is making any noise about the plane loads of foreign terrorists who arrive and depart regularly from the dead center of this country?Is it because these terrorists, holed up in their base in the Australian desert, exempt from Australian Immigration (and pretty well all other) laws, organising wars all over the place are on the same side as he is?
Is it because the Australian Parliamentary Committee who signed the latest renewal treaty for their base in 1999 were not even authorised to be told what it was? Or that the last government that asked that question was sacked?
Yes I’m talking about Pine Gap. Where smack dab in the center of this country, about twenty clicks out of Alice, a score of giant white mushroom spoor sit like scars on the desert landscape pulsating with the flow of information which is, in this IT age, the most important weapon of war. Of terror.

Of the terror of the people of Afghanistan who have no idea that the information used to drop cluster bombs, daisy cutters and depleted uranium shells on them was beamed to satellites from a desert base that they probably haven’t even heard of. Of the terror of the Palestinians, who since 1973 have been tracked and analysed by this same base; or of the people of Iraq….. who wait.

Of the terror of peace loving people all over the globe who watch in horror as the US withdraws from long standing arms control treaties in order to freely develop a concept of putting weapons on satellites in a ring around the planet…their planet, our planet, the Earth.

Because this is what Pine Gap is for.

Today’s transnational corporate scumsuckers maintain their power by control of secure global satellite telecommunications networks. Satellite communications are the trade routes of the twenty-first century.

Just as navies and armies of the last few millennia have been employed to conquer new markets and keep the trade routes open, today’s militaries are more and more concerned with conquering space and keeping the satellites safe and under control.  
In order to do this they need to have ground bases in at least three, more or less equidistant points around the Earth’s circumference. The first two points are natural; the US and Western Europe, where many stations such as Pine Gap exist. The location of the third station is a bit more problematic; it needs to be located somewhere close to the 130th meridian of longitude (opposite the middle line between the other two): Russia, China, Korea, Japan, the Phillipines, Indonesia or Australia. As this base was likely to be at times the only such base in the region, it had to be dependable and defendable. If you were the military industrial complex, where would you chose?

This was the question facing Simon Ramo (the ‘R’ in TRW) who designed the global military satellite system in the fifties and sixties. He chose Australia.

As well as having a stable and compliant government which was a signatory to the five party English-speaking-white-men’s-‘intelligence’ club, UKUSA, Australia had the benefit of being vast, which was also important to him as it meant it would be impossible for the station to be intercepted from across a border or from sea and there would be very little communications ‘white noise’ in the remote interior.

Australia of course was ‘all the way with LBJ’ at the time and a compliant government, scaring its people with stories of Communism and the Yellow Peril built Pine Gap and sent its boys to fight in Asia.

Thirty something years later only the abstract nouns have changed.

As the command, control, communications and intelligence ground station for every act of military-corporate aggression in the region, Pine Gap remains one of the most important installations for the global military-corporate complex in the world.
It is now also the vital link in the three station network required to develop the weaponisation of space.
These space weapons are planned to be in orbit in a few years. In addition to protecting corporate interests from ballistic missile attack, their task according to the US Space Command, is to guard against any attack on communications satellites.
A brief surf through their own publications and web sites (just run a search on usspacecommand) will, or at least should, horrify you with pictures that look like they were lifted straight from an S-F magazine. In a publication (available on the web) called Vision 2020 much is made of the widening division between the haves and have-nots that will lead to future wars based on maintaining this disparity through control of space. Or as they call it: “The High Ground”.

To counter this space terrorist threat the latest weapon planned to be controlled from Pine Gap is a space based laser. A laser so powerful that it needs to keep its own nuclear reactor running in space.
There are a growing number of people around the world who think that putting nuclear reactors in orbit over our heads so that enemies can be blasted out of space by super-powered lasers is going just a little bit too far.
An International Week of Action has been called for early October to protest against this madness. On every continent people will be protesting at the gates of space war establishments.

In Australia, a National Protest camp will be held at the gates of Pine Gap from 5 to 7 October this year to expose the role of this base as the embodiment of military-corporate globalisation in the region.
Busses will be traveling from all Australian capital cities to Alice Springs for a weekend of actions and fun at the space base and related places in Alice Springs.
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