Youth Video Contest 2014/2015
(Deadline: February 24, 2015)

Prizes worth: A trip to Kyoto, Japan to attend the Annual Conference of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, July 29 - Aug 2, 2015!

Rules & Requirements


The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space (GN) is launching its first international video contest. For over two decades, the GN has promoted peace in space and has opposed the weaponization of space, military satellites, nuclear power in space, missile defense, drone warfare, and the United States’ Space Command’s mission of “Full Spectrum Dominance”.

Every year, the GN hosts the international Keep Space for Peace week in early October and an annual conference somewhere around the world.

The poster for our 2014 Keep Space for Peace Week can be viewed here: Space for Peace Poster 2014.pdf and a short video advertising the week can be seen here:

From July 29 - Aug 2 2015, the GN will be hosting its annual conference in Kyoto, Japan. The winner of our video contest will receive a trip to Japan to attend our conference. To find out more about the GN, please visit our website:

 We look forward to your submissions!



Open to all amateur filmmakers but particularly those between 18-25 years of age. One entry per person.



1.      Be an original work

2.      Video should be short – 3-5 minutes or so in length

3.      Should address the theme “Keep Space for Peace”

4.      Include title frame

5.      Include credit frame

6.      Comply with the technical and all other requirements of

7.      Should be in English or have English sub-titles



ü  Upload your video to

ü  All entries must be uploaded by the official due date: February 24, 2015

ü  Submit the following details on our contest form:

1.   Title of video

2.   Name

3.   Age and birthday

4.   Mailing address

5.   Email address

6.   Telephone

7.   URL of video

8.   One-paragraph about why Keeping Space for Peace is important to you (max. 200 words)

ü  One entry per person



By submitting an entry form, participants agree that:

ü  Entry is original work and does not contain copyrighted material

ü  The Global Network is entitled to free use of part or all of video entry as it sees fit


Judging Process:

A sub-committee of the Advisory Council of the Global Network will evaluate submissions. They reserve the right not to award if there are no suitable entries and their decision will be final and will be based on the following criteria:

1.      Video addresses the theme: Keep Space for Peace

2.      Creativity

3.      Video Attributes: effective use of transitions/editing, organization, good sound and visual quality within the time allowed (excluding titles frame & credits)

4.      Video Includes ideas for thing(s) that people can do to take action

The winner will be announced on March 24, 2015.



First Prize: A Trip to Japan to Attend the 2015 Global Network Conference!

Costs covered will include return airfare from hometown to Japan, ground travel, hostel accommodation and some spending money - worth $1,500 USD. Winner must have a valid passport and any neccessary visa to travel. Prize is not transferable.

Second Prize: $250 USD



An example of a short video used by the Global Network





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