16 June 2014
2014 Air Combat Command Strategic Plan

By Gen Gilmary M. Hostage III
Air Combat Command


Langley AFB, Va.  -- I am pleased to announce the publication of the 2014 Air Combat Command (ACC) Strategic Plan, Securing the High Ground.

This 2014 Air Combat Command Strategic Plan is my two-fold guidance, both asCOMACC and as a Core Function Lead (CFL), to: optimally organize, train, equip, and provide combat ready forces and manage, and develop the capabilities required to secure the high ground for our military forces to deliver dominant combat airpower for our Nation.

As Air Combat Command confronts challenging fiscal limits, we will stay the course of accomplishing the mission and investing in our most valuable asset, our Airmen. Our Airmen make us the most dominant and capable air force on the planet and ensure we can meet our Nation's security needs and sustain our ability to fly, fight, and win ... today and tomorrow.

Download an electronic copy of the plan -
ACC Strategic Plan 2014

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