Letter on the Airborne Laser - say no to missile defense!!

29 October 2002

Bruce Gagnon

October 29, 2002

Mr. George H. Gauger
3207 Sydney Brooks
Brooks AFB, Texas 78235

Dear Mr. Gauger:

We are sending comments regarding the Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser, also known  as the Airborne Laser which is due to be flight tested at Vandenberg AFB in 2003.

We were surprised to hear about how inaccurate notification was placed in local media around Vandenberg AFB thus making it impossible for people to turn out to voice concerns about the program.

Our greatest concern about this project is the need.  Who is the U.S. defending against?  Who is going to launch nuclear missiles at the U.S.?  Is not this system really intended as an expansion of U.S. forward deployed military that will be used to virtually surround and provoke China?

The cost of the airborne laser is outrageous.  Cutbacks in child care, health care, education, social security, and environmental clean-up are happening all over the nation.  How can we as a nation afford this system when our national treasury is already being drained by the military industrial complex.  This system is just more welfare for the aerospace industry.

Finally there will be an impact to California commercial and recreational fishing, especially below the Western Range. Ocean vessels must be notified in advance of potential hazards. Flight tests may require the closure of one or more of the state or national parks, thus disrupting activities in the area and calling to question environmental impact of these areas.

Our organization is opposed to this project.  It will only help create a new arms race (which is probably what you want anyway) and will cost us our children's future.

In peace,

Bruce Gagnon


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