16 October 2003
Paul Martin called on to Reject Star Wars
Canadians Say No To Weapons In Space
Dylan Penner,
The ACTivist Magazine, 416-880-6245


Today, The ACTivist Magazine is raising awareness about a poll on Paul Martin’s Website, where respondents unequivocally oppose Star Wars (also known as Nuclear Missile “Defense”). Despite overwhelming dissent to the plan, as seen on his own website, Martin continues to arrogantly assume that Canada should and will sign-on to the US Administration-led weaponization of space.

“The results of this poll highlight the problems surrounding Star Wars, and the fact that Paul Martin has no mandate to take it on,” says Dylan Penner, Editor of the ACTivist Magazine. “If Martin continues to support the weaponization of space through Star Wars, despite 69% of Canadians being opposed, it clearly shows his hypocrisy, and unwillingness to listen to the voices of people.”

The US military is entirely clear that Star Wars is not about defense, but about increasing military and economic dominance around the planet. Even if the system were effective at what it pretends to do, namely intercepting ballistic missiles, the fallout from such a “success” would spread nuclear radiation across Canada. The ACTivist Magazine argues that Martin should heed the concerns of Canadians and people around the world who are overwhelmingly opposed to Star Wars.

“Canadians vehemently opposed the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, and for the same reasons are opposing weapons in space,” points out Penner. “The people of Canada and the world want peace, not more weapons.”

The poll is available at http://www.paulmartin.ca/home/poll_e.asp?Poll=23

For More Information: Dylan Penner, The ACTivist Magazine, 416-880-6245


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