10 April 2014
Introducing Ofek 10, the just-launched Israeli satellite likely designed to keep tabs on Iran
By Ruth Eglash
The Washington Post


(Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries)

JERUSALEM – Israel’s capacity to keep tabs on Iran was boosted Wednesday night after the successful launch into space of its 10th and most advanced satellite to date.

The satellite, which Israelis call Ofek 10 (Ofek meaning horizon in Hebrew), entered into orbit around the Earth in the early hours of Thursday morning and immediately started transmitting signals back, according to information shared by Israel’s Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries.

A video of the launch as well as animation of the satellite in orbit can be seen below:

The Ofek 10 will be used for military purposes, Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has said, including monitoring Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons development and that country’s involvement in supporting militant groups in neighboring Arab countries.

Following the launch, Ya'alon said the venture was "further testimony to Israel's impressive ability to develop and lead at the forefront of technology.”

He added that Ofek 10 would improve Israel's “intelligence capabilities and allow the defense establishment to better deal with threats both close and far, all hours of the day and in all weather conditions. We continue to increase the vast qualitative and technological advantage over our neighbors."

Just last month during a visit to Washington, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated to both President Obama and to U.S. Jewish leaders his warnings about Iran’s desire to obtain nuclear weapons and what it would mean if they were successful.

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