4 February 2015
Russia not going to enter arms race with US - foreign ministry

However any unfriendly steps will receive an adequate response, the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokesperson warns

MOSCOW - Russia has no intention to enter the arms race with the United States, but any unfriendly steps will receive an adequate response, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

"We have already commented on the Pentagon’s plans to increase military expenditure four-fold in 2017, with the main focus on the European war theater. All this takes place under the pretext of containing Russia," the diplomat said. "The fact that all this is done in a very aggressive manner, under the pretense of some potentially possible Russian aggression causes perplexity and disgust. All this, as we see from these statements, creates grounds for extensive military planning against Russia and taking practical steps to bring its military infrastructure closer to Russia’s borders."

"No one is going to get involved in any new arms race. No one will try to catch up with or overtake others," Zakharova said. "Of course, we would like to remind our colleagues in Washington and Brussels that any unfriendly steps and attempts to exert pressure on Russia will receive an adequate response — both political and diplomatic and in the sphere of defense."

"No one should have any doubt that Russia will do everything necessary for its security. But we are for peace," she added.

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