20 July 2020
Space Force UK demonstrate protected tactical waveform over SKYNET
By Sandra Erwin


The U.S. Space Force’s SMC and U.K. MoD teams used the Multi-Band Test Terminal, shown here, for the PTW demo on Monday, July 13, 2020. (MIT Lincoln Labs photograph)

On July 13, 2020, the United States Space Force and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence successfully conducted a demonstration of the U.S. Protected Tactical Waveform over the United Kingdom’s SKYNET satellite system, showcasing PTW’s superior data rates and anti-jam performance.

This collaboration was a pivotal first step in demonstrating the flexibility and compatibility of PTW over international partner SATCOM.

Despite the difficulties imposed by COVID-19, both countries were determined to progress on this important collaborative opportunity and expedited processes utilizing existing international agreements to make this demonstration happen in less than two months.

The Protected Anti-jam Tactical SATCOM (PATS) capability will utilize PTW over multiple satellite systems to provide anti-jam capability to the United States and international partner nations.
The United States Space Force is working with additional international partners to explore opportunities for integrating national SATCOM capabilities with the PATS enterprise.

The Space and Missile Systems Center’s Development Corps manages the PATS program on behalf of the United States Space Force.

The SKYNET satellite system is the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence’s primary provider of strategic communications services to the British Armed Forces and NATO forces engaged in coalition tasks.

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