5 June 2015
The M.U.O.S. (mobile users objectives system)
by Fabio D'Alessandro


MUOS (Mobile User Objective System) is a military satellite communications system of the US Navy; it consists of four ground bases, located in as many strategic points of the planet (Hawaii, Australia, Virginia, Sicily), each one connected with a satellite; in this way the Armed Forces of the United States achieved a global coverage of all areas of the planet and the ability to communicate in real time with their different military presence spread around the globe.

The MUOS is the start of a process of technological updating of the conflicts, until 2045 it reached the highest development, allow any kind of military management and use of weapons by the computers. The US wars will be directed by tactical and strategic operations center in Washington or whatever in the world, and conducted by drones and other remote-controlled weapons. Such experiments are already under way in various scenarios, and have sparked a debate on the ethics of war, bringing for the first time in history , the man delegation to the machines of the power to kill.

IN Niscemi, Sicily (a town of 25,000 inhabitants) has been completed the construction of the ground station of Muos; The base is located about 3 km from the village, inside a larger base of telecommunications NRTF (Naval Radio Transmitter Facility), built inside a nature reserve "Sughereta di Niscemi".

The citizens of Niscemi are kept in ignorance of the harmful effects to their health caused by electromagnetic waves at low and high frequency emitted by the 46 antennas of the base NRTF. But the continuous occurrence of tumoral pathologies has represented an alarm for the population. Even antennas Muos emit large amounts of electromagnetic waves, and their range, pointed at the satellite, it represents a danger for air routes. About all this, the American military authorities have not informed the Italian civil authorities and the Italian population. It 'was an independent team of scientists studying the little existing documentation and provide the tools for the creation of a front of popular resistance.

Since 2011 they have been formed in all of Sicily dozens of committees NO Muos who informed the inhabitants of the project of US Navy and organized various forms of protest: conferences, rallies, meetings, demonstrations. In 2013 the committees have implemented numerous initiatives to prevent the launch of the sites for the construction of Muos; They took place roadblocks, occupations symbolic antennas NRTF, trespassing into the base; It was bought land near the bed nets, which was made a permanent garrison named‘Presidio NO Muos’. This great popular mobilization forced the government of the Sicilian Region to revoke permissions to the US Navy. Even the Regional Administrative Court recognized the correctness of the positions of the movement, by issuing a ruling that defined the Muos dangerous and that the US had violated the law by building the new Italian base in a nature reserve of European interest where it is forbidden any kind of construction.

Political pressures have convinced the governor of the region to retrace his steps allowing further work. The Muos was completed in January 2014, despite the great popular opposition, which has cost to the NO Muos activists, hundreds of complaints, sheets away, fines and other acts of repression. On August 9, 2013 over a thousand people have flooded to protest the military base. Action repeated Aug. 9, 2014.

In February 2015, following the initiative of the pool of legal of NO Muos movement, the Regional Administrative Court has again called illegal and dangerous the Muos. The Italian judiciary has seized the yard. A first victory for the opposition.

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