18 November 2001
Dissent Is Patriotic

A Bill of Rights Defense Committee Action Alert

Action Alert: Stop DARPA's "Total Information Awareness" program from further damaging your privacy rights.

The Bush Administration has named convicted felon Rear Admiral John M. Poindexter, mastermind of Iran-Contra, as the director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)'s Information Awareness Office (IAO). Note its motto ("Knowledge is power") and its symbol (the all-seeing "Illuminati").

This diagram from the IAO's website shows how the Total Information Awareness (TIA) system of "data mining" would collect and share information on all Americans among government agencies. Republican Congressman Bob Barr has declared this Pentagon initiative to access personal data "outrageous." Conservative New York Times columnist William Safire has labeled it "the supersnoop's dream."

The version of the Homeland Security bill that recently passed the House authorizes TIA. The Senate is expected to vote on a similar bill this week.

Call your senators today and urge them to protect our civil liberties by striking the overreaching "Total Information Awareness" program from the Homeland Security bill.

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