9 August 2017
Jacobs Technology awarded $4.6B contract for missile defense services
By Stephen Carlson

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Washington (UPI) - Jacobs Technology is receiving a contract with a maximum value of $4.6 billion for services for the Missile Defense Agency, the Department of Defense announced on Wednesday.

The services will go toward the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center and communications and informations technology for MDA. The work will primarily be conducted at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado, Huntsville, Ala., Fort Belvoir, Va., and Dahlgren, Va.

The Integration and Operations Center, located in Colorado Springs, Colo., is home to the MDA's research and development and testing operations, as well as where missile defense operations are executed from.

The agency has already obligated $4 million in fiscal 2017 funds upon award, with an expected completion date of Aug. 8, 2022, with options to extend the contract to 8.5 years.

The Missile Defence Agency is responsible for the defense of U.S. territory and its allies from ballistic missile threats. It coordinates a network of land-based and ship-based missile interceptors along with radars and satellites to detect and destroy enemy ballistic missiles.

Systems under it's purview include the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense mobile BMD intereceptor deployed by the Army and the Standard Missile-3 series of surface-to-air missiles in use by the Navy.

The MDA is also developing future platforms such as laser-armed unmanned aerial vehicles to intercept missiles during their launch phase, when they are at their most vulnerable.

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