23 January 2013
Turkish Peace Movement on Patriot Deployments
By Aydemir Guler


Turkish Parliament adopted early October a decision that authorizes the government to send Turkish troops abroad. This act of parliament is accompanied by an explanation why such an authorization is needed. This explanation was mentioning of the threats coming from Syria. So since then Turkish government has the legal autorization to command the Army to enter into Syria.

The arrival of foreign troops are totally different. Government had to bring the subject again to the Parliament. She didn't. This is the article 92 of the Turkish Constitution.

Government has not yet discussed this issue openly, as they are trying to kill by silence. However they refer to the NATO agreement alone. But the later allows the transfer of soldiers only in strictly determined numbers, as staff already existing in the bases, or technicians, administrators etc. NATO agreement has nothing to do with what is happening now.

Lastly, the deployment of Patriot [PAC-3] missiles themselves. To be sure there is no legal constraints in that point. Turkish government may take any weapons, bring them to Turkey, she does not need to ask to the Parliament. Our objection is not about the existing laws, but political legitimacy. This step gets the countly closer to a war. And what is ironical is that countries who sent the missiles discuss it in their parliament and vote; while in Turkey government sends a letter to NATO and that is NATO who decides! So we conclude that such a mechanism gets Turkish parliament into a situation below NATO council, just a body depending upon it.

One may ask how it may be possible for a government to break the Constitution so openly. I will not say "this is Turkey" or "this is the Turkish style", but I will mention of the parliamentary composition:  

The main opposition party, the kemalists/social-democrats cannot oppose because the party's central policy is for NATO! But there are a lot of honest MPs also and they defend almost similar positions with our peace movement.

Let's forget about the fascist party.

And the third one is the Kurdish party. But this is a long story, the relationship of Kurdish position about imperialism...

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