Please do any or all of the following actions to assist us in our campaign to prevent an arms race in space. Join with concerned citizens and organizations worldwide in this effort to build a movement to stop the nuclearization and weaponization of space.

  • Make copies of our literature and pass them out to your friends and co-workers. Set up a table at a church or a community event.

  • Write a Letter to the Editor and send it to your local newspapers. You donít have to be an expert to know that putting weapons in space is dangerous! Be sure to say that over $100 billion has been wasted on Star Wars to-date.

  • Write your Representative and Senators to express your concern about the escalation of the arms race into space. Tell them you donít want your tax dollars used to take the bad seed of war and greed into space. Take a delegation of citizens to visit them.

  • Purchase the book The Wrong Stuff: The Space Programís Nuclear Threat to Our Planet, by Karl Grossman. This excellent work tells the story about the plans for weapons and nuclear power in space and introduces the growing international protest movement against it. Order it from us now for just $13 (includes s/h). (See Global Network Sales).

  • Order one of our new bumperstickers for your car. Get either No Weapons in Space or Keep Space for Peace for only $1 each. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope. (See Global Network Sales)

  • Organize a community educational event and call us to arrange for a speaker from our Speakers Bureau. Get several cities involved and share the speaker and the transportation cost.

  • Send representatives from your local group to Washington DC on April 14-17, 2000 for the Star Wars Revisted: An International Conference on Preventing an Arms Race in Space and the space lobby day that will follow the conference.

  • Organize a local protest action on October 7, 2000 in solidarity with the International Day of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space. Let us know if you do so we can alert the international media.

  • Send a tax deductible donation to the Global Network to help us fund this important campaign. Your donation will enable us to expand our organizing efforts.

  • Get on our e-mail list to receive regular updates on the latest space events and organizing. Send a subscribe message to:

  • Frequently check our web site!

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