31 March 2014
Dutch General thanks Missile Defenders in Turkey


Adana, TURKEY - "Your deployment is a huge effort. We ask more than we really should expect from you.” The Dutch Chief of Defence (CHOD) General Tom Middendorp said during his visit to the Dutch unit in the Turkish city of Adana last Thursday, 27 March 2014.

Over 200 Dutch military men and women protect over 2 million inhabitants of Adana against possible missile attacks from Syria. General Middendorp was informed personally by the deployed personnel about their efforts. Some of them have been rotated three times since January 2013.


Last week the Dutch reached a milestone of 10.000 hours non-stop missile defence. Middendorp said, "It is admirable the amount of effort you do to protect the city of Adana. I express this appreciation to your families at home because by your flexibility, and their support, this deployment is possible.”

Patriot battery in Turkey - Photo by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

Dutch Pioneering Role

General Middendorp was accompanied by Mr. Raymond Knops, the CDA (Christian Democratic Party) member of parliament, who is also a former air defence officer. MP Knops said, "Your effort shows the importance of the alliance and international cooperation. The Netherlands take their responsibility to the alliance seriously and the Dutch armed forces have a pioneering role especially with this valuable asset."


The Patriot air defence system is a so called niche capacity within NATO. This means that only few NATO-members possess this asset. "We are a relatively small unit and the deployment is demanding on the personnel and material” explains Colonel Laurens Jobse after 14 months of his unit’s deployment. "Although we experienced some friction, we were able to protect the Adana population continuously.”

The mission lasts until January 2015.

Story courtesy of The Dutch Ministry of Defence.  Translation by SHAPE Public Affairs Office. 

For more information, please visit Ministerie van Defensie at http://www.defensie.nl/

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