23 February 2015
GaN-based AESA technology available for Patriot system users
by Richard Tomkins
Space Daily


Tewkesbury, Mass (UPI) - Nations using the Patriot defense system can now receive an active electronically scanned array Patriot radar sensor that uses Gallium Nitride technology.

Gallium nitride is a semi-conductor material with a high level of heat capacity. Raytheon has been developing the technology for 15 years. It is used in the design of new U.S. Navy air and missile defense radar and a number of U.S. Air Force systems.

"GaN-based AESA technology can bring customers of the combat-proven Patriot optimized 360-degree coverage while setting the stage for future capability improvements," said Ralph Acaba, vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense at Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems business. "GaN-based AESA technology improves Patriot's already high reliability rate and significantly reduces the radar's annual operation and maintenance costs beyond what has already been achieved with other recent Patriot radar improvements."

Approval for export of the technology for the Patriot air and missile defense system was recently approved by the U.S. government, Raytheon said.

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