22 April 2014
India Prepares for its Longest-Range Missile Intercept Attempt Yet
Global Security Newswire


In a missile defense test planned for next week, India will attempt its longest-range intercept yet of a ballistic target, the Times of India reports.

Indian Defense Research and Development Organization Director General Avinash Chander told reporters the test from Wheeler Island would be against targets approximately 62 miles away.

The unidentified antimissile system already has successfully intercepted at least six  targets at distances between 12 and 19 miles away, he said.

India ultimately hopes to develop the capability to intercept ballistic missiles with ranges in excess of 1,240 miles, Chander said.

Meanwhile, across India's western border, Pakistan on Tuesday carried out a successful trial launch of its Hatf 3 nuclear-capable missile, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

"The successful launch concluded the field training exercise of [the] strategic missile group of Army Strategic Forces Command," the Pakistani army said in a statement.

The Hatf 3 has a range of 180 miles and can carry either atomic or conventional payloads.

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