24 February 2017
Jenoptik contracted for Patriot missile components
By Ryan Maass



Berlin (UPI) - German manufacturer Jenoptik received a $13.8 million contract to deliver components supporting the Patriot air and missile defense system.

Jenoptik received the order as a follow-on to earlier assignments from 2016. The contract includes the delivery of electrical generators, spare parts packages and testing equipment.

In a statement announcing the contract, Jenoptik notes it has been a long-term supplier for the Patriot program. The company produces power supply units and sub-systems for the weapon at its facilities in Germany.

The Patriot air and missile defense system is a U.S.-led program aiming to develop solutions for countering airborne threats such as enemy aircraft and ballistic missile attacks. The surface-to-air missiles are manufactured by Raytheon.

In addition to the United States and Germany, the system is employed by armed forces in Israel, Greece, Japan, Saudi Arabia and several other U.S. military allies.

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