7 June 2017
Kodiak to host Israeli missile test
By Liz Ruskin
Alaska Public Media


An Arrow anti-ballistic missile launches from California in 2004 test.
Photo: U.S. Navy.

Israel is working on a better missile to counter the threat of an Iranian launch. But Israel lives in a crowded neighborhood, so the plan is to test the interceptor in Kodiak.

That�s the word from Adm. James Syring, director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency. Syring told a congressional committee Wednesday the U.S. is Israel�s partner in developing that country�s missile defense system, particularly Israel�s Arrow 3 missile.

�It has significant range constraints within the Mediterranean. And one of the better places to test is in Alaska, from Kodiak,� Syring told the U.S. House panel. �And we intend to do that next year.�

Craig Campbell, CEO of the state-owned Alaska Aerospace Corp., says the deal isn�t final yet.

�The Missile Defense Agency, MDA, has approached us about doing the Israeli program out of Kodiak, and we are in the process of negotiating that contract today,� Campbell said in a phone interview.

The work would be a component of the $80 million contract MDA and the Alaska Aerospace Corporation announced a year ago.
Also under that umbrella contract, Campbell says MDA plans to launch missiles from the Kodiak Island facility sometime in the next few weeks or months.

�The test we have for THAAD � that�s the Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense program � that�s going to be a series of tests coming up this summer,� Campbell said. �The dates are classified, but prior to the launches there�ll be public notice given as to when the launch is going to occur. But there will be two launches this summer.�

The Missile Defense Agency conducted a successful test over the Pacific two weeks ago.  was set up to replicate the scenario of a North Korean launch at the U.S., Adm. Syring told committee members, but for the test, everything was moved a few thousand miles south, so the interceptor was launched from California instead of Alaska�s Fort Greely.

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