1 December 2015
"Impenetrable Shield" protects Moscow from Ballistic Missile threats
by Staff Writers
Space Daily

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Image courtesy Sputnik and Ramil Sitdikov.

Moscow (Sputnik) - 
Moscow's missile defense system can protect the city against any kind of ballistic missile, according to Colonel Andrei Cheburin, commander of the missile defense division of the 1st Air Defense Army of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces.

"Right now it is the only system in the world capable of intercepting any kind of ballistic missile coming from any direction, including missiles specifically designed to bypass missile defense systems," Cheburin revealed in a Monday interview with Russian media.

He also added that the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces are about to upgrade the Moscow missile defense facilities.

"The Moscow missile defense system is a complex automated network which includes both information and weapon systems. The missile defense forces under my command are directly responsible for the combat readiness of the entire system," he said.

The colonel also mentioned that the missile defense elements protecting the Russian capital are directly linked to the ballistic missile early warning and space monitoring systems.

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