1 May 2013
Russia Calls For More Antimissile Talks With U.S.
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Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov on Tuesday called for further talks with the United States on the Obama administration's plans to establish a missile shield in Europe, Interfax reported.

Antonov and U.S. Defense Undersecretary James Miller met in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss implications of Washington's decision to cancel development of a next-generation missile interceptor that would have a limited ability to counter ICBMs. Moscow had been strongly opposed to the Standard Missile 3 Block 2B interceptor, seeing in it a threat to its own long-range nuclear missiles.

Antonov told reporters the day's talks did not resolve all Russian concerns about planned U.S. antimissile systems in Europe, which include other land-based SM-3 interceptors in Poland and Romania. Another round of bilateral talks is expected to take place in Moscow, possibly close to May 23-24, according to the Russian official.

"Missile defense problems are too complicated in order to hope that Russia�s concerns will be removed at once," Antonov said to ITAR-Tass. "Too many problems in this aspect accumulated between the two countries."

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