8 July 2014
Russia Tests New Interceptor for Neutralizing Strategic Missiles
Global Security Newswire


Russia has carried out a successful test-firing of a new interceptor designed to destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles, ITAR-Tass reported on Monday.

An anonymous defense-sector source told the government-managed news agency that "test-launches" of the S-500 system were conducted late last month. "All goals and tasks set within this event were fulfilled completely," the source said.

The S-500 is designed to counter long-range ballistic missile threats and is a more capable version of the current S-400 system. The S-500 is designed to detect and counter as many as 10 ballistic threats at once, as well as cruise missiles and hostile aircraft.

Russian military officials have said they expect to deploy the first S-500 units by late next year.

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