Stop Missile Defense Funding

12 July 2006

by Bruce Gagnon,
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 729-0517

Tell Congress
Congress will soon be voting on amendments to the Fiscal Year 2007 Defense Authorization bill.  There will be an attempt to cut funding for "missile defense" in FY 2007.  The Bush administration is requesting $11 billion for research and development of Star Wars technology.  Please help us by writing to your Congressional delegation immediately and urge them to cut funding for Star Wars.
Use the link below to contact the members of Congress from your state.
Key Points
1)  A new arms race in space will not make us more secure.  It will only create more global insecurity.
2)  Stop wasting our tax dollars on Star Wars research and development.  Fund health care, education, public transit and the like instead.
3)  The "missile defense" program is a Trojan horse.  Star Wars is really about offensive, preemptive strike for control and domination.  We don't need anyone being the "Master of Space."
Please send a letter to Congress immediately calling for a cut in funding for the Missile Defense Agency. 
Thanks for your support.

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