13 June 2014
U.S., Polish companies to improve radar of Patriot missile defense system
By Richard Tomkins
Space Daily

Israeli, German companies integrating missile-defence systems
Tel Aviv, Israel (UPI) Jun 13, 2013 - Naval self-defense systems to counter sensor-guided missiles are being combined by Israel Aerospace Industries and Rheinmetall of Germany.

IAI said its plan will see the ELM-2222S Navguard advanced radar system integrated with the German company's Multi Ammunition Softkill System, or MASS.

In testing of the integration, the resultant system performed successfully against incoming sea-launched and land-launched missiles.

"Navguard is an advanced digital phased-array radar system built as a solution for missile approach warning, and especially designed to confront the ever-increasing asymmetric warfare challenges," said Nissim Hadas, vice president of IAI and president of Elta Systems, the subsidiary that manufactures Navguard.

"We are proud to collaborate with Rheinmetall, who are world leaders in naval soft-kill protection systems, and together tailor an affordable and effective protection system for maritime vessels."

Navguard features a digital phased-array radar-based warning system that automatically detects, classifies and verifies incoming threats. It also triggers a ship's self-defense systems.

MASS is a defense system that launches smoke dispensers, chaff, flares and decoys against incoming missiles.

Tewksbury, Mass (UPI)
� A modernized Indentification-Friend-or-Foe antenna for the Patriot air defense system is to be jointly developed by Raytheon and Poland's Bumar Elektronika.

The IFF antenna will be a main element of the Patriot's advanced 360-degree radar that Raytheon is proposing for a Polish missile defense program.

"There is a considerable level of technical complexity associated with this effort, which highlights Raytheon's commitment to deliver significant, long-term benefits to Poland's defense industry," said Daniel J Crowley, president of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. "In addition, this antenna opens an export market for Bumar Elektronika among established users worldwide -- an opportunity unique to the Patriot system."

Under an initial agreement, engineer teams of both companies are to begin work on defining the concept.

Earlier this year Raytheon, together with Polski Holding Obronny, held a partnering conference in Poland. More agreements with Polish companies on the missile defense project are expected, Raytheon said.

"We are pleased to initiate this project in cooperation with Raytheon, which gives us the opportunity to make an important contribution to future improvements of Patriot," said Dr. Ryszard Kardasz, president of Bumar Elektronika. "This offers clear benefits to nations around the world that depend on the system's proven capability."

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