4 January 2016
Work on U.S. BMD complex in Poland expected to start in summer
By Richard Tomkins
Space War


Slupsk, Poland (UPI) -
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects to break ground this summer for a ballistic missile defense facility in Poland.

The Aegis Ashore BMD complex will be located on Poland's Redzikowa Air Base and when completed in 2018 will complement the Aegis Ashore facility completed last month in Romania.

The two land facilities, together with Aegis-equipped U.S. warships based in Spain, are to protect European NATO allies and U.S. forces in the region "against growing ballistic-missile threats from the Middle East," the Army said.

Two contracts will be awarded soon under the program.

"The first is a $100 million to $200 million contract to build the missile-defense facilities," said Curt Heckelman, chief of USACE Europe District's Missile Defense Branch. "The second is a $25 million to $100 million contract to build the offices, housing and other facilities where U.S. Navy personnel will work and live.

"We are currently accepting proposals, and this contract is open to all major construction companies."

About 80 companies attended a pre-proposal conference in Poland last month as part of contract-solicitation process.

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