Alaska anti StarWars
- No Nukes North
- GP resolution

14 August 2001

from : Shiela Baker

Alaska Green Party 2002 State Convention Resolution 01-01
Opposition to StarWars / National Missile Defense System

Whereas the National Missile Defense System (NMDS) / Star Wars is actually an offensive weapons system; and

Whereas the NMDS/StarWars is in direct violation of the ABM treaty and will therefore destroy all other nuclear arms control agreements; and

Whereas deployment of the system will result in both vertical and lateral nuclear weapons proliferation; and

Whereas deployment promotes the likelihood of nuclear war and the end of life on earth as we know it; and

Whereas the United States has the capacity and moral obligation to take the lead in global nuclear
disarmament and peaceful conflict resolution;

Therefore be it resolved that the Green Party of Alaska opposes any further development and deployment of the National Missile Defense System/Star Wars; and

Be it further resolved that the Green Party of Alaska opposes any related technological deployment intended for the militarization and domination of space.

Approved by consensus, 1 April, 2001 at the Green Party of Alaska State Convention in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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