13 June 2001

For Mother Earth

Hundreds of protesters demonstrate at NATO HQ as George W. Bush meets NATO Heads of State in Brussels

Over 300 international protesters were demonstrating at the NATO headquarters in
Brussels, Belgium this morning. The demonstration against the policies of President Bush on the fields of (nuclear) disarmament, human rights, environment and globalisation of the economy went on outside the main entrance of the NATO HQ where Bush is meeting all NATO Heads of State and Government today.

The main point in the agenda of this meeting is the developement of U.S. National Missile Defence system and Star Wars. These plans are threatening to start a new round of nuclear arms race and are violating several international treaties like the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Outer Space Treaty.

The demonstration was organised by a coalition of 9 non-governmental organisations who are shocked by Bush's lack of respect towards international agreements. The protesters carried signs and banners stating "George W. Bush, Wanted for crimes against humanity and the planet". The wanted-poster has been spread widely through internet the past weeks, and it can be downloaded at www.geocities.com/bushwanted, a website set up specially for this action. There was also an "international citizens arrest team" asking the local police to give them a hand to arrest President Bush.

The organisers had asked for a meeting with Bush at NATO HQ to talk about his disrespect for international agreements, but unfortunately this request was refused. The huge amount of security around NATO HQ showed clearlythat the secretive military alliance didn't have intentions of being accountable towards the public and allow representatives of NGOs to approach President Bush.

Yesterday there was a demonstration against Bush's policies at the U.S. Embassy in the centre of Brussels. Nearly 2000 people participated in this demonstration which was organised by a coalition of more than 20 NGOs.

More information and the Wanted-poster can be obtained at www.geocities.com/bushwanted

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