The Denver Police Spy Files

November 2002

From: Bill Sulzman


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The American Civil Liberties Union in Denver filed a lawsuit against the Denver Police Department last year and won a judgement against the city that resulted in opening the "intelligence files" they had collected on Activist Groups.  We have just received 15 pages that had been collected on Citizens for Peace in Space.  The file includes several activities which happened in Colorado Springs including the report I am copying below which is an account of an intelligence officer who was present at the Global Network meeting in April of 1998.  We're not sure who the spy worked for but we did get his picture and talked with him directly at the meeting.  He came to the workshop presented by Regina and Wolfgang so their names are mentioned.  Actually their names are blacked out but their identities are obvious from the text.  Some of the text is rather humorous.  I have left in the misspellings and mistakes of grammar etc.  Where the blacked out name is obvious I've put it in.  Some others will recognize who is referred to by the context.  There is probably even some humor in what happened.  On the other hand it is ominous that this practice is going to become more common in the future: I have put in bold type my additions including my guess at a particular blacked out name. 

"On April 7, 1998 the R/O (reporting officer) attended a lecture by Helen John, Menwith Hill Womens Peace Corp. at the Citizens for Peace in Space Global Network Seminar.  This was one of many lectures and seminars in conjunction with this seminar. 
This lecture was attended by approximately 50-60 people and was held in Packard Hall Auditorium on the Colorado College Campus in Colorado Springs.  Bill Sulzman, Citizens for Peace in Space,  made the opening remarks.  In his remarks he called for everyone to continue in their efforts and said it was going to be necessary to "lay down our bodies" to stop the use of outer space as a place to put weapons of war.  Sulzman was talking about continuing the sabotage of military institutions and civil disobedience at these institutions.
The guest speaker for the evening was Helen John.  John represented the Menwith Hill Womens Peace CORP.  John started the Greenham Common movement and is a longtime protestor at American Military institutions in England.  John talked to the group about the civil disobedience and minor acts of sabotage she and her women associates have committed openly at these bases in England.  The acts she related to committing were cutting sections of fence from the bases perimeter and taking it to the front Gates of the base.  She also has removed signs at the base and trespassed onto the base,  all apparently to show how security can be penetrated.
With her from England were several other women.  Two of the women were identified as  (names blacked out)  ..  (blacked out) identified (blacked out) and spoke with (blacked out) briefly prior to leaving the meeting.
Page 2:
"Also speaking was Regina Hagen of Darnstadt(his spelling), Germany.  Hagen related she has been active in Germany.  But related she has not been involved in civil disobedience.  Hagen spoke very good English and was very well spoken.  She related she has been traveling for several weeks in the United States and recently visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  Hagen related she found it very interesting, but she related that NASA does a good public relations job on covering up everything they are involved in besides the manned missions.  She related little information was available on the "Cassini" spacecraft.  The "Cassini" was launched and is nuclear powered and this group fears that it will contaminate space or fall to Earth causing nuclear pollution. 
Also representing Germany was Wolfgang Schlupp-Hauck.  He didn't speak but he related he had been involved in protests and civil disobedience since the 1980's 
Another speaker was identified as (name blacked out)  from England.  (name blacked out) has been involved in protests of American bases in England for a long time
Also in attendance were several local people involved with (blacked out).  They were identified as (blacked out) and (blacked out) who are both long time protestors. 
The caption blow this reads: Denver Police Department,  Copies of Purged Intelligence File  Date: 11/11/02
Bill Sulzman
P.O. Box 915
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Ph 719 389 0644

(For more details see ACLU article )


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