27 June 2001

Bahig Nassar,
Coordinator - Arab Coordination Center of  NGOs

Friendly NGOs are making at present all efforts to prevent development (research), testing and deployment of BMDs which  will lead to space weaponisation but other BMDs are already operating and ready to be involved in military activities. As a result
weapons will  eventually be deployed in space. The following are the facts:

A joint US, Israeli and Turkish maneuver by air forces had been conducted since June,
17, 2001 and will continue until June, 29. Egyptian papers carried information that
operation by Israeli Arrow TMD system, produced and deployed  with US financial and
technical assistance, was part of the maneuver. Interceptors were targeted against
(imaginary) missiles supposed to be launched by Syria, Iraq and Iran. This was the
first regional TMD maneuver with the participation of US and its allies. It has
revealed the following:

a) Operations of TMD systems will create military alliances dividing regional states
into two groups: those which are behind the shield and others located outside the

b) Destabilization which is supposed to affect the three states, Syria, Iraq and Iran
is actually destabilizing the entire region comprising all countries of the region
which have relations with the three states and most probably will go far beyond the
Middle East.

c) US participation in the Arrow system operation clearly proofs that this TMD system
is part and parcel of  the entire US-BMD project which covers the entire planet.

d) Far from facing an imaginary aggression against the huge military forces of US and
its allies TMD deployment is designed to support counter proliferation operations
against threats by any state at US interests and investments in the Middle East.

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