GN Members in Hiroshima

29 November 2003

From Satomi Oba

Greetings from Hiroshima!

I was in Nagasaki last weekend for a global citizens' conference for elimination of nuclear weapons. As I was not a speaker this time, I borrowed a booth for materials including videos and our posters. I also took my banner "Keep Space for Peace" with me.

After Nagasaki conference, Regina and Jackie together with another friend Kathleen Sullivan came to Hiroshima and stayed two days. We shared exciting time holding press conference at Hiroshima City Press Club, and they met Mayor Akiba. The press conference lasted for two hours with 5 reporters from major paper companies here.  It was a perfect one with their powerful speech.

Jackie started with the US nuclear policy and its dangers, and Regina spoke on the Missile defense issue and how it is related to the  nuclear issue. Kathleen talked on the importance of disarmament education. I was their interpreter, and found every  speech was very important for the citizens in Hroshima. All of the three especially stressed their strong support for the urgent campaign of Mayors for Peace, led by mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The next day, the Asahi newspaper had a good article about the press conference, but unfortunately without a photo of the three. I am still waiting for the other papers' articles coming out.

The three also met Mayor Akiba and said that it was a successful one, too. (I couldn't accompany with them because I had a class at that time.)

It was tight but exciting and meaningful time for me.

Best wishes,

Satomi Oba


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