Report on Anti-War Protest in India

16 February 2003

From J. Sri Raman
Convener, MANW
Member, Advisory Board, GN

Chennai (formerly Madras) in the south of India on February 15 witnessed a spirited street demonstration against moves by the warmongers of the world led by United States of George Bush for a monstrous offensive against Iraq.

The demonstration, held in response to the call of the global peace movement for an international anti-war day, was organized by the Movement Against Nuclear Weapons (MANW), the Movement for People's Unity (MPU) and the Citizens for Peace (CFP).

The demonstrators raised their voice also against preparations by the rulers of India and Pakistan for an India-Pakistan war.

They protested against the brazen threat by the Bushies to use nukes against Iraq. They also warned against the renewed danger of a nuclear holocaust in South Asia. 

The demonstrators included members of different religious communities (Hindu, Muslim and Christian), a large number of women (quite a few of them burqa-clad), trade union workers, journalists, scientists, writers, university students and even children.

A sample of the slogans the rallyists carried on placards or wore on themselves: 'No' to War on Iraq, 'No' to India-Pakistan War, 'No' to Nukes on Iraq, Osama Bush Laden (this one borrowed from the Berlin marchers!), and Warning to Vajpayee and Musharaff: Nuclear War Is No Game).

In a statement, the organizers said: "The Bush threat to use nuclear weapons, if not the Bomb itself, in this utterly unjust war bespeaks an imperialist arrogance that the people are answering with worldwide protests. We in India join these protests."

The statement added: "We emphasize that the war won't be any more warranted, if launched in the name of the United Nations playing proxy for the United States."


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