7th July 2000

By Bill Sulzman
Citizens for Peace in Space
Colorado Springs

Fifteen Colorado Springs Protesters were joined by five folks who drove down to Colorado Springs from the trienniel convention of the Episcopal Church in Denver. A horrendous traffic jam made our visitors an hour and 15 minutes late for the gathering, but there were still plenty of base workers coming and going as they spent additional time with us. Our main banner read:

STAR - a fraud
- a waste
WARS - a threat
- illegal
TESTS - immoral

The Denver Post covered the protest which probably will get less coverage because of the huge traffic jam which delayed the conventioneers from getting there until after the reporter and photographer were long gone. Some base workers actually stopped to talk about our banners and presence there. In may cases they showed the basic unawareness of the issue which Senator Biden referred to in a recent speech when he said that 80% of his colleagues in the U.S. Senate "are not paying any attention to this."

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