Peace floats- Fourth of July- Mendocino, CA

5 July 2002

by Carol Wolman

The Nuclear Peace Action Group float in the Mendocino Fourth of July parade featured a large shiny bomb mounted on a pedestal, labelled "Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing, TRW"  At the head of the float, a blown up dollar bill sported the slogan "In bombs we trust".

George W. Bush, in a mask and cowboy hat, rants about how "we have to make sacrifices for the endless war", while the rest of us, holding signs saying "ABM Treaty",  "budget surplus", "environment", "social security", "reproductive rights", "education", "the future",. etc- 10 in all, boo and wail and yell, "We want peace".

Along comes the preacher, in a black robe, and grabs the bullhorn from George.  "Wake up and see the light"  she hollers.  "George, listen to the people - The people don't want to sacrifice all these good things.  We want peace, George."   The people shout, "amen, hallelujah" After a struggle, George starts to shake and quake.  He picks up his guitar and breaks out into "I'm gonna lay down my sword and shield, down by the riverside."  We all join in lustily.

This float was received with cheers, peace signs waving, from about 2/3 of the crowd watching the parade.


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