Report from Brunswick, Maine

8 October 2005

From: Mary Beth Sullivan

In support of Keep Space for Peace Week, about 16 of us gathered outside the Administration Building at Bath Iron Works here in Maine.  We were there for a shift change for hundreds of workers.  Bath Iron Works builds navy destroyers that can be fitted with nuclear weapons, and ballistic missile defense systems.

It poured rain the entire time we were there.  BIW workers passed by our signs calling for the conversion of our economy from one dependent on military spending, to one that builds the social infrastructure, including alternative energy sources.  We also held signs calling for an end to the war in Iraq.

A gentleman who had recently returned from Iraq came by and engaged in a short dialogue with Mary Donnelly.  The little bit I overheard sounded as though he was in disagreement with Mary, but the conversation was respectful.

George and Maureen Osterson's children were with us.  They seemed to be delighted by the rain and the opportunity to play outdoors in it.  As always, this family from the Smilin' Trees Farm brought home grown produce (celery) to share with all.

We were pleased to see our community come together today, and we were envigorated by this opportunity to demonstrate.  Unfortunately, most of us were much too wet and cold to share a meal together afterwards.

Keep Space for Peace!

Mary Beth Sullivan
Brunswick, Maine


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