Conference on Disarmament Report

13 June 2006

From: Carol Urner, WILPF

I wanted to share with you the June 13 CD report, because it reveals so clearly The U.S. stance against a PAROS treaty, the use of false statements, and the blocking tactics used. You will find it on RCW at the Reaching Critical Will web-site.

The Conference on Disarmament is the only UN body that negotiates disarmament treaties.  It works by consensus and the U.S. has managed to block forward progress on every treaty since around 1995 when Jesse Helms became a chief foreign policy power.  Of course now the U.S. is blocking progress big time. This month the negotiating group is trying to move forward on PAROS despite the U.S. by debating the issue and presenting a variety of working plans. I thought this particular report was very interesting because it shows clearly U.S. intransigence.


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