Report from International Space Security Conference at New Delhi

13 - 14 Nov 2007

From: J Narayana Rao

I attended the International Space Security Conference at New Delhi on 13-14,Nov 07 which was jointly organised by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi  and the Centre for Defence and International Security Studies, UK.

In that I have put two questions. One to Mr.Alan Merbaum, Senior Manager, Air and Missile Defence System, Lockheed Martin and  Mr. Vivek Lal, Vice President and Country Head, Integrated Defence Systems, The Boeing Company. They spoke about Space Industry International Cooperation. When I asked them what is the involvement of these two companies in the US Weaponisation of Space programme, they declined to answer. The other question was to Mr. Joseph Rouge, Director, Natiional Security Space Office, Department of Defence, Pentagon. He spoke about the US Space Policy which, according to him, stands for peace and cooperation with all countries. When I asked him if the US Space Policy stands for peace what about the Vision 2020 of the US Space Command which stands for weaponisation of space he said that was a paper prepared by 4 individuals which has neither the approval of the US Senate or the US President. That it was an un official document which has got nothing to do with the US Govt.

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