Report from Fylingdales, North Yorkshire

6 October 2007

From: Jackie Fearnley, Fylingdales Action Network

On October 6 two women from Fylingdales Action Network delivered the letter personally to Wing Commander Loveday of the RAF. She is the base commander of the RAF Fylingdales missile defence radar base in North Yorkshire, England.

Wing Commander Lovejoy had attended a local meeting with Bruce Gagnon of Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space during the previous month. Previous to this she had given a tour of portions of the base to Bruce and some members of the Fylingdales Action Network and Yorkshire CND during which they were shown a 40 minute power point presentation about the base. They did not fully agree with each other, of course, but had listened carefully to each other and tried to understand one another's view points.

The letter brought to Commander Loveday started with:

As you know, this week is devoted to the theme of Keeping Space for Peace, with meetings and demonstrations being held all over the world, particularly in places that have a connection with America's missile defence plans.

The two women expressed their concerns in some detail about the nature of these plans, which would:

enable the Americans to achieve 'full spectrum dominance' i.e. full military control of land, sea, air, space and information.. . At the same time they have begun to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons

The women see these plans as creating dangerous world instability, and making Britain and other European nations potential targets in future wars the Americans may generate with these policies.

They expressed their desire for a more peaceful world in which their grandchildren could  live and wrote:

Whilst it is hard for us as individuals to put pressure on America to change increasingly belligerent foreign policies, we can do all we can to resist being a part of these plans. We would ask everyone to consider what action, however small, they can take, to register their unwillingness to be used possibly unwittingly in these grand plans for world domination.

They had tea and an interesting conversation with Wing Commander Loveday after the delivery.

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