Report on Bannering at Peterson AFB

12 August 2009

From: Bill Sulzman & Loring Wirbel (CPIS)

We had an interesting time bannering on Tuesday August 11 for the ceremony to display a Minuteman III missile at Peterson Air Force Base. The ceremony was supposedly "open," but not for protesters!

When we arrived some kind of civilian honor guard was waiting to accompany a hearse of some sort that has a parade through the base on a regular basis apparently.

The Air Force officer who came to meet us had an interesting explanation of how that was allowed because the participants were retired military. He said that made them different from civilians. 

We were monitored from the parking lot and we were met by three plain clothes security folks as we got ready to leave.  They tried to dance around the fact that a public ceremony was only open to selected guests.

They also seemed to think that retired military are not the same as civilians in the eyes of the law.  I will pursue this with a call to the base and see what kind of mumbo jumbo I get from the PR flacks.

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