International Law defense not allowed in Vandenberg peace protestor trial

19 February 2006

From: MacGregor Eddy

Court update on my (MacGregor Eddy's) trial following my arrest at Vandenberg during Keep Space for Peace Week: 

On February 16 the attorneys argued three points

  1. allowing the defense of necessity to be presented at trial on March 16 with expert witness Dan Ellsberg.
  2. allowing the Nuremberg principles and international law defense with expert witness Richard Falk and
  3. allowing me to testify as to my reasons and what I was reading (the Nuremberg principles) on the video tape of my arrest that was shown by the prosecution.

There was a long and interesting discussion which I will post soon on the Vandenberg Defense Fund website for those who would like the details.

The judge-magistrate ruled against us on points one and two, but ruled for us on the third point (allowing me to testify) which is a partial victory. The second part of the trial will be on March 16 at 1:30 pm, at 1415 State St Santa Barbara.  At noon there will be a peace demonstration with special guest Nadia McCaffrey of Gold Star Families for Peace.


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