Report - on GN Darmstadt Strategy Session

23 March 2007

From: Mary Beth Sullivan

(See also: report on GN conference)

On Friday afternoon March 23, we broke up into groups for workshops that discussed specific issues, and generated strategy ideas for the Global Network.  The next day, we brought those and other ideas to the whole group for a "Strategy Session."  What follows are the notes taken on newsprint during that session.

There was no debate.  There were no decisions made to prioritize one idea over another.  In a couple of cases, people volunteered to take on a task.  What follows is the list of ideas we generated for the GN community to inspire the work we do in our local areas in the coming year.

Strategy Session Notes:

Teach about the plans the US has for the Moon and Mars.

Create documents or fact sheets on the Moon and Mars issues

Promote the film "Arsenal of Hypocrisy"

Create a citizen’s debate around these issues.

Analyze:  who is getting rich?  Who stays poor?  Where are the resources going?

Engage the science community.  Identify Allies. 

What are civilian projects vs. military projects vs. dual use projects?

Identify the corporate and the non-corporate players in the picture.

Involve more groups who are more tuned in to the space issues and involve them in Keep Space for Peace Week, including the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Involve more trade unions

Encourage Regional Hubs and actions

Provide non-violence trainings.  Consider providing one at the next GN conference.  Use talking points relevant to GN issues as part of the training.  Linda Richards has a non-violence training curricula which she will work on to make it relevant for the GN.  We could include it on the website. [Note that Vandenberg has a nonviolence training handbook on its website]

Provide forums/opportunities to share success stories. 

Collect and share success stories using nonviolence strategies.

Participate in the next Global Social Forum.  There is one coming to Atlanta in the U.S.  WILPF will have a presence there.  GN can provide materials for them, including a fact sheet with footnotes.

Should we have a presence at the G8 Meeting in Northern Germany in June?  We need to be there to help people make the connections.

Bruce should sit with the leadership of other NGOs.  [Discussion about how this has been done.]

Use the mass media.  Trust that people can read between the lines.  Make and nurture connections with the media. Conduct workshops for them.  Send them information on a regular basis.

Correspond to trade unions – all of us in our own regions.

Create committees:  to work with trade unions; the media

Need a Missile Ban Treaty.  Say what we are FOR not just what we fear.

Legislative proposals:  support any that ban missile defense, etc.

Re: Corporations:  dismantle the war economy.  The PAROS (Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space) website has good information on this.

Do more to expose the corporations pushing for weapons in space.

Conversion:  use science for life-enhancement rather than death.

Join network of 36 organizations/NGOs working to stop war profiteering – focus on militarization of space.

Send a GN delegation to Eastern and Central Europe  (including Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary)  [Regina and Dave will work on making contacts.  Helen will be visiting on holiday, and will work to make contacts while she is there.]

Connect with Alla – our advisory board member in Russia.  Try to connect with Russian NGOs, if it’s still possible.

Read the article that appeared in The Nation last summer titled "The New American Cold War" about Russia and U.S. policy in that region.

Hungary needs links/ press/ media/ personal contacts 
Regina will help make contacts
The GN will send information to the international email list
Regina, Dave and Jozsef will meet to uncover leads
All should look at website:

Commission on Sustainable Development:  Presentations by WILPF and others to include Nukes in Space.

Make less abstract our workshops and information shared.  Bring humor to the work.  Bring visual images to people.

Aim for where we think we can be most effective. 

All the work is important.

Hold workshops identifying the fear focus as a way to empower people to get beyond it.

Alice Slater offered to get information on Columbia University's failed biosphere experiment.


During the meeting, GN members put up websites they recommend people visit:

Holly Gwinn Graham:

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space:

Abolition 2000 (Alice Slater recommended a report:  Sustainable Energy is Possible Now)

Dr. Jozsef Kobor from Hungary brought us news of the Civil Movement for "Mecsek" Mountains in Hungary.  Website:

Linda Richards suggests a site to learn about supporting indigenous resistance to uranium mining and production:  target="_blank"

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