The New Rumsfeld Report

February 2001

from: Karl Grossman

The New Rumsfeld Commission Report is now available on-line. The executive summary is at:
And the full report is at:

But - BEWARE!! - both are big downloads. The executive summary is 35 pages - almost 3 MBs - plus that many pages as attachments and transmittal letters.

The stuff is also on the Federation of American Scientists site at:

The publication of this report is, I believe, a turning point. It points the way to the embrace of the U.S. national government administration of the U.S. military plans for space.

No longer can anyone say that "Vision for 2020", "Long Range Plan, "etc., are "just" the schemes of a branch of the U.S. military. Now, this report makes clear that - with Rumsfeld as the chairman of the commission that put it out, and he now being U.S. secretary of defense - this is what the U.S. government will be actively seeking: "new military capabilities for operation to, from, in and through space," weapons in space, all under the notion that "Space is a medium much the same as air, land or sea," etc. And the obvious pitch is to engineer acceptance for this by the claim that the U.S. faces a "Space Pearl Harbor."

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