Update on Sacred
Space 6

21 October 2001

S Galindez

On May 20th 2001 as a part of the larger mobalization that took place on May 19th 10 activists went back country at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

There were 2 affinity groups one of 4 young activists who received 3 years probation and a $100 dollar fine after agreeing to a plea bargain.

Another Affinity group of 6 including 4 members of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker were arrested deep into the security zone with a banner "Sacred Earth Sacred Space"

Jeff Dietrich of the LA Catholic Worker pleaded guilty to conspiracy, and 2 counts of trespassing and received a 6 month sentence, Jeff should be released within the next week.

Elizabeth Griswold also of the Catholic Worker received 3 years probation and a fine for pleading guilty to one of the Trespassing charges.

The other 4 members of the affinity group went to trial on conspiracy and 2 trespassing charges. After a spirited trial where the four attempted to put Vandenberg Air Force Base and the Star Wars program on trial all 4 were found guilty of all 3 charges.

On October 15th all 4 were sentenced in Federal Court in Los Angeles.

Brian Buckley of LA Catholic Worker who spent over 90 days in jail refusing bond was sentenced to 1 year supervised probation and a $500 fine.

Elizabeth Wyrsh also of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker received the same sentence, prompting many in the crowd to wonder if a Catholic Workers stipend is more than they were making on their jobs since the Government decided that Brian and Elizabeth could afford $500 fines.

Marcus Page of the Nevada Desert Experience received one year probation and a $60 assessment fee.

Scott Galindez due to prior civil disobedience arrests received 90 days in jail as the prosecutor argued that probation had never worked as deterrent in the past. The Judge originally ordered that he be placed in immediate custody but after supporters in the courtroom rose and vouched for him the judge gave him 14 days to surrender himself to the Federal Marshals office.

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