16 August 2001

From:  Tom Warren, New Orleans

On August 6th we had a vigil at NASA's Stennis Missile Center from 3:00-5:00pm at the front gate with a dozen people in attendence and HUNDREDS of cars exiting the Space Center. This is a great time to vigil and we will be moving to a monthly vigil beginning in September.

On Saturday, September 8th I will be the featured speaker at the Gillespie Memorial Breakfast held at the Unitarian Church here in town. It is a monthly gathering of progressive organizations for networking and information. I will be handing out info about GN and the October 13th action. I am also trying to get a speaking engagement at Southeast Louisiana State College in Hammond, LA.

October 13th will include a vigl/street theatre on October 12th followed by a retreat led by Fr. Peter Dougherty of the Michigan Peace Teams from 6:00pm through 12:00 noon on Saturday. After that we will have a march from the visitors center to the front gate at 3:00pm where we have a vigil and planting of mustard seed. This may or may not include civil disobedience...we are looking into the legal issues now. Also, on Friday morning we re hoping to have a press conference in New Orleans with a bunch of clergy and other activists. I will keep you posted...

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