"STAR WARS RETURNS" Being Aired Through U.S. by Deep Dish TV

7 August 2001

from : Karl Grossman

"STAR WARS RETURNS," a video documentary exposing how the Bush administration is moving to make space a new arena of war, is being aired throughout the United States by Deep Dish TV.

Deep Dish TV is programmed on more than 50 cable TV systems as well as on selected public TV stations. "STAR WARS RETURNS" is also being transmitted via satellite, airing on Free Speech TV on the DISH Network (channel 9415).

"This combined distribution network reaches nearly 30 million homes in North America," said Joan Flynn, executive director of EnviroVideo which produced "STARS WARS RETURNS."  Said Ms. Flynn: "The information is now getting out about how the U.S. is moving to turn the heavens into a war zone."

Cities in which "STAR WARS RETURNS" is being broadcast by Deep Dish TV include New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Honolulu, San Diego, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Tampa and Berkeley.

"STAR WARS RETURNS" presents U.S. military documents setting forth U.S. plans to "control space" and from space "dominate" the earth below. It reveals the multi-billion dollar U.S. development program now underway to produce space-based laser weapons, and that far more than "missile defense" is involved. It also details the international opposition to the U.S. Star Wars program.

"STAR WARS RETURNS" is narrated and was written by investigative reporter and journalism Professor Karl Grossman, directed and edited by Emmy Award-winner Steve Jambeck and produced by Flynn.

It explores the report of the "Space Commission" chaired by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld calling for U.S. "power projection in, from and through space."  Senator Bob Smith, who wrote the legislation setting up the "Space Commission," says in "STAR WARS RETURNS" about U.S. "control" of space: "It is our manifest destiny."

Others appearing in "STAR WARS RETURNS" are Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space; Rear Admiral Eugene Carroll (USN, ret.), vice president of the Center for Defense Information; Congressman Dennis Kucinich; physicist Dr. Vandana Shiva of India; Bill Sulzman, director of Citizens for Peace in Space; Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York; editor Loring Wirbel; and Regina Hagen, a Global Network director.

Also interviewed is Craig Eisendrath who as a U.S. State Department officer was involved in drafting the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, the intent of which the U.S. is getting set to violate, says Eisendrath. The treaty sets space aside for "peaceful purposes."

New York-based EnviroVideo has produced 175 television programs including the award-winning video documentary  "NUKES IN SPACE: THE NUCLEARIZATION AND WEAPONIZATION OF THE HEAVENS."

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