Truly a Global Network

1 May, 2005

From: Neil Kingsnorth (UK), Sung-hee (South Korea) and Stacey Fritz (US)

We've spent the day at the annual conference of the Global Network Against Weapons in Space. Activists from the USA, Romania, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the UK and beyond joined hands and hearts to share news, spread the word and report on their actions to stop Star Wars and resist space weapons. This is truly a Global Network. It's maybe easy to feel alone as you sit in the UK wondering how we can ever get rid of Menwith Hill, stop UK involvement in Star Wars or resist the US war drive. But the fact is that there are countless people, just like you, at the grassroots, resisting space weapons, educating the public, demonstrating, blockading, speaking and campaigning on all levels to resist. As the US have proudly stated, they want to dominate the world, and they want to do it from space. With space domination come easier, faster, more efficient and more frequent US wars. If we are to resist war and achieve peace, then stopping Star Wars is absolutely crucial. The good news is that I can report to you that there are thousands across the world that are of the same mind, that are joined together through the Global Network and a common purpose. The resistance is very much alive and the feeling is ... we WILL win. To prove the point, I pass you over to Sung-hee of South Korea and Stacey Fritz of Alaska - two of the many great people in New York that are part of the global campaign to keep space for peace:

A big hearty howdy from the Great Northland (via NYC). We are the folks who were protesting at Fort Greely (Alaska's ground-based interceptor missile site) at the same time that you all were marching on Fylingdales. I can tell you that it is very difficult not to become overwhelmingly cynical and hopeless after the past winter and another stolen election here, and it is only these annual Global Network conferences that re-inspire me and keep me going for another year. I will do my best to return to Alaska and convey to the folks there all the hope and energy and love that is concentrated here. Tomorrow we'll go to the huge No Nukes No War rally in Central Park and it really does feel like New York City is the world's city, not just Amerika's. We all need to be reminded that while the neocon leaders of our overextended empire have all the money and weapons, we are actually much better off having each other and we are strong in the knowledge that we have love and are struggling for peace and justice with all of humanity. I know it sounds far out and goofy but that is really what we see here when we are all together. Our bonds are so much stronger than their satellite links and technocrap.

Thank you to all of you who are working to keep space for peace, we need every one of you. I'll put pictures up of it all soon on  goodnight, cousins.

How wonderful it is to share one's love and concern of the global peace one another? I thank Neil and Stacey for sharing theis space together. I feel so much warm to be together with them. I am an artist from Korea. There is no north and south in Korea. Korea has been one for more than four thousand years. And Korea is ONE. No ARTIFICIAL boundary can be TRUE. The EARTH is the ONE. We draw the boundary. And it is drawing rather than life itself. I dream we give my next generation the beautiful world. World as the one. There are no axis of evils, no enemies.


Thank you. everyone!

... and so tomorrow we march on New York City, together with thousands from across the USA and beyond to demand complete nuclear disarmament. I know, in your hearts, you will be there too.

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