Tucson Report

7 October

from : Felice & Jack Cohen-Joppa

More than 30 people vigiled outside the entrance to Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona, on Monday, October 7, greeting hundreds of cars arriving for the morning shift with signs and banners decrying space warfare and demanding no war in Iraq.   One large banner, inspired by Citizens for Peace in Space in Colorado Springs, declared "SURVIVAL DEMANDS BETTER IDEAS NOT BETTER WEAPONS"

Vigilers spanned four generations, from teen to past 80!  One woman drove down from Phoenix (over 2 hours) to join in solidarity with the Tucson demonstration.

The vigil was sponsored by Raytheon Peacemakers, who vigil each month at Raytheon, in opposition to the militarism that exploits local need for good-paying jobs.

In addition to developing the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle, a ballistic missile interceptor, Raytheon engineers and production workers in Tucson are putting together other missile interceptor and space laser projects for a future of space warfare.

Tucson production of GPS-guided retrofit kits for gravity bombs has been increased during the last year, stockpiling for war against Iraq.  Surface to air, air-to-air and sea-to-air missiles are also in production here for the United States and more than a dozen allies. Tomahawk cruise missiles, the Navy's "weapon of choice" for stand-off, drive-by warfare are a mainstay of the Tucson production lines.  The latest model, the Tactical Tomahawk, rolls off the line in 2004, capable of loitering over an area to broadcast battle damage assessment, then receiving new target information.

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